Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How safe is Calling & Video Conferencing APP?

Do not put your data on risk…
Lot of articles are floating on web. Most of are belongs to Privacy and personal information stored in device (email, photos, etc.), device access, etc.

The world we are leaving is now more advance and vulnerable. Below are vital security data are at risk:

Video & Facial Recognition Pattern: Anyone face video and their facial recognition patter can be breached. Most of devices are having high definition camera. These data can be misused or used. No need to mention, what facial recognition pattern can do. Some of high definition camera are able to capture Eye Retina to some extent.

Voice: Another important data which can be morphed & doctored. Voice unlock command can be breached. To identify the person from voice. There are lots of way to misuse and use the data.

So, we have to make sure what APP we are going to use. What are the guidelines by Info Security / IT authority?

Mantra is “Better than Ever”. Both technology & users are more advance. Do not put your data on risk. 

Think before use/install any APP. Do search, get suggestion, check reviews, and check it is from trusted publisher.

Let’s share you suggestion, experience & note…

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