Sunday, June 28, 2020

Business Central Integration with Rest API – Deep Drive – COVID-19 India Tracker (Part 1)

Dear Friend, I am back with some useful stuff for you. Hope this may help you to deep drive with API Integration. While thinking to work on large data for Power BI analysis report, I got the details about “” website from my colleague Mr. Anil Pandey . Where we decided to get the JSON data in Power BI to create same dashboard.
While checking website I got the details of various API details by calling those we can get variety of data on COVID-19 India cases. My previous posts viewed by lots of readers and this inspired me to develop this in Business Central for learning purpose and share with you all. I can’t say, have done this as a big solution. But try to give a overall feel of creating an APP. I know there are lots of Dynamics Lancers who can do these very quickly & better way. My purpose only to help those who still thinking that integration is a such complex task.
I haven’t used all available API at Only more thing I need to mentioned here, data are not realtime. It is a day before.
To work with this integration, I have included development like:
  • Role Centre Page including Navigation menus, Action bar, Headline, Chart & CardPart or ListPart page.
  • Tables
  • Pages
  • Codeunits
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Translations (Something unusual using Hindi)

In this part, I will only talk about the look and feel of development & functional aspect of the story. Technical details I will share in subsequent part to this blog series. Hope my initiative will inspire you before I release the next part for technical details. Please give a try, its quite easy and interesting to work on such integration development.
Below is image of Role Centre Page:

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Business Central Integration with Rest API – Part 3 (OnPrem & SaaS)

Dear Reader’s, I am sharing simple REST API integration with Business Central 2020 Wave 1 release. In previous Part-1 & Part-2, I have demonstrated GET method of API. In this Part, I will explain POST method, where a data request & response will be handled. I want to thank the creator of API and available for us to check & learn the POST method (Request & Response handling).

Below sample will run on both OnPrem & SaaS as well. In the following example we will call an API request to Create resource by supplying Name & Job details. And in response API will return Id & Created At along with the request info Name & Job.


Sample Request: { “name”: “Your Name”, “job”: “Your Job Name” }

Response: {“name”:”Your Name”,”job”:”Your Job Name”,”id”:”Numeric”,”createdAt”:”DateTime in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sssZ”}

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