Wednesday, August 14, 2019

AL File Wizard in Business Central

Visual Studio Code is now equipped having feature AL File Wizard (Thanks to Andrzej Zwierzchowski for the Visual Studio Code Extension) which provide developer to create objects like they were creating in C/AL through wizard. It is giving same feel as C/AL and ease to create below objects:

1. Page: Allows to select page type, fast tabs, source table & fields.
2. XmlPort: Allows to select source table and fields
3. Report: Allows to select source table and fileds.
4. Query: Allows to select query type, source table and fileds.
5. Enum: Allows to select list of enum values and captions.
6. Enum Extension: Allows to add list of enum values and captions to existing enum.

Below I am attaching steps to create a page using AL File Wizard:

Step 1: Right Click and Select New AL File Wizard

Step 2: Select the Page

Step 3: New Page Wizard will open

Step 4: Enter respective details

Step 5: Click on Next and move fields to Respective tab

Step 6: Click Finish to get the new Page in AL

Bingo! Check the file name, auto created based on the design pattern of Business Central. Cool, lots of feature are being added. Will never miss the development environment of  C/AL. Stay connected...


  1. What do you mean by saying "Visual Studio Code is now equipped with AL File Wizard"? It's embedded in VS Code? I know this wizard but as extension which you can install to VS Code.

    1. Hope you will be happy to see the header. If you know already, please share & help like us.