Thursday, November 15, 2018

Connecting to Business Central On-premises through Mobile App

 Below are steps to connect Business Central On-premise through Mobile App.

We will connect mobile app with our on-premise Business Central hosted on local machine / network. Our mobile device must be in same network connected through WiFi or VPN or any.

I am demonstrating this scenario with my Laptop & Mobile connected through mobile Hotspot (both device sharing same network).

Step 1: Connect your laptop (which is already installed with Business Central) with you mobile Hotspot.

Step 2: Get your laptop IP address. (You may run command "ipconfig" or find it through your network properties.)

Step 3: Check you can access Business Central web client with local IP.

Step 4: Install Business Central App in you mobile device. Ignore this step if already installed.

Step 5: Open Business Central App in your mobile device:

Step 6: Click / tap on highlighted area (reason we are not going to connect it to hosted / Azure / Cloud)

Step 7: Enter or Paste Web Client URL in Service Name and tap to ->

Step 8: Enter credentials (Windows or what you have set in configuration). I am using Window User ID & Password.

Step 9: Tap next to connect and with till home screen appear.

Step 10: Bingo! Now explore app and enjoy BC

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