Monday, October 1, 2018

Application Management Codeunit Replacement

What does it mean: Application Management Codeunit Replacement

Yes, it's true. Application Management Coueunit 1 is no more exists in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What's about the function? 
Are they exists? 
Where these are placed now? 
To many questions????

Don't worry, see this link - Codeunit 1 Replacement

Does this transition impact upgrade. Yes, see the solution as well in that link. 

How does these transition made? Where are those functions?

All available triggers / functions / events are now placed in System Codeunit and Management Codeunits.

See this link to get the details - Transitioning from Codeunit 1 to System Codeunits

Below are list of management codeunits where triggers / functions / events are moved now (except System Codeunits):

Type ID Name
Codeunit 40 LogInManagement
Codeunit 41 TextManagement
Codeunit 42 CaptionManagement
Codeunit 43 LanguageManagement
Codeunit 44 ReportManagement
Codeunit 45 AutoFormatManagement
Codeunit 49 GlobalTriggerManagement
Codeunit 50 SaaS Log In Management
Codeunit 79 Sales-Post and Send
Codeunit 2501 ExtensionMarketplaceMgmt
Codeunit 6710 ODataUtility
Codeunit 9015 Application System Constants
Codeunit 9170 Conf./Personalization Mgt.
Codeunit 9180 Generic Chart Mgt
Codeunit 9500 Debugger Management
Codeunit 9650 Edit MS Word Report Layout
Codeunit 9701 Cue Setup
Codeunit 9900 Data Upgrade Mgt.


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